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  1. How Would You Characterize WorkItem.comTM As a Software Tool? 
    • WorkItem.comTM is a general-purpose ready-to-deploy application. It supports the needs of businesses to control and manage a variety of recurring and ad-hoc information management processes. This web-based tool can be readily deployed and is easily customized by end users.
  2. What is the Underlying Technology and How Can It Interface With Other Tools?
    • WorkItem.comTM is comprised of over 400,000 lines of web-based software that runs on Microsoft’s .NET and SQL Server platforms. It can be interfaced with other systems either through spreadsheet-based data transfers (for tools such as OpenPages) or via bulk data transfer mechanisms. It has been seamlessly interfaced with a number of leading enterprise-level tools, ranging from Oracle and Hyperion to SAP.
  3. Who Is Using WorkItem.comTM?
    • WorkItem.comTM is used by a number of leading organizations, including one of the world’s largest manufacturing companies, a major global security solution provider, an international leader in packaging solutions, a major consumer goods company, and a leading outsourcing vendor. We currently support thousands of end users in over seventy countries.
  4. For What Kinds of Applications Is WorkItem.comTM Being Used?
    • It is suitable for a wide variety of application areas, and can be used to vastly simplify the technology stack by moving numerous standalone applications onto a “common chassis.” Business process areas in which current customers have used the tool include (a) the Finance Last Mile, (b) the Tax Last Mile, (c) Policy-to-Execution, (d) Risk-to-Remediation, and (e) Analytics-to-Reporting.
  5. What Are the Competitive Alternatives?
    • WorkItem.comTM is an innovative tool in a new product category that melds work, content, and document management capabilities. It is readily understandable by end-users and is easily configured. WorkItem.comTM provides unparalleled functionality that supports process transparency and accountability. It is made possible by our design team’s deep experience and subject matter expertise, having been responsible for conceiving and creating a variety of commercial workflow and work management software products since 1988. 
  6. At a Macro Level, What Are Some of the Tool’s Basic System Capabilities?
    • End-user configurable workflow
    • End-user configurable content
    • Integrated security and access control
    • Active Directory integration
    • Subscriptions and notifications
    • Reference data management and publication
  7. What Ongoing Technical Maintenance and Support Does GMI Offer?
    • 24x7 software availability, excluding planned downtime
    • 24x7 application-level site monitoring, with testing of the web server, database server, SMTP server, and user authentication service
    • All bug fixes and system enhancements
    • Phone and e-mail support for named contacts during normal business hours
    • Integrated web site activity and response time tracking 
  8. How Long Does It Take To Stand Up the Tool?
    • When GMI hosts the tool (at our SAS-70 certified data center), a site can be up within a matter of hours. For in-house deployment, the timing is gated by the need to establish a Test and a Production configuration as well as to provide GMI with remote access to the Test site. Once the in-house sites are available, software deployment and configuration is usually accomplished in a matter of hours. At client-hosted sites, the time has ranged from an expedited timeframe of under a week to a more typical four to six weeks.
  9. For Management Work Items, How Is WorkItem.comTM Superior to SharePoint?
    • “Out-of-the-box” Workflow: End users can easily create, monitor, and manage robust multi-step workflows with assignments, signoffs, history tracking, send back, multiple approvers, alerts, notifications, process metrics, and more.
    • Advanced Forms: In addition to SharePoint features such as user-defined fields, attachments, and full-text search, WorkItem.comTM also supports recurring items, cascading items, floating notes, and workflow-aware field editing.
    • System Managed Access Security: WorkItem.comTM simplifies granular control over access to sensitive information by automatically managing row-level item access permission based upon workflow participation, organizational hierarchy, and/or group membership
  10. What Are the One-Time and Recurring Costs?
    • GMI’s one-time standup costs are based upon mutually agreeable Work Plans, and the on-going Subscription costs are based upon the nature of the application and the number of users.