Corporate Overview

GMI was founded in 2001 by O. Bruce Gupton (a former PwC consulting partner and Fortune 100 CIO) and Frank O. Marrs, former Vice Chairman of Assurance Services at KPMG.

From the beginning, we have been focused on just one issue – which is how best to ensure that management processes are appropriately architected to deal with today’s unprecedented velocity of change and increasingly complex and demanding environment. Almost every week, new examples come to light that clearly illustrate that “business as usual” approaches to management are a recipe for disaster.

We believe that the solution is to replace today’s disconnected, inefficient, and poorly designed approaches with holistic Management Operating Systems (comprised of the governance processes, frameworks, tools, and behaviors needed to systematically Plan, Organize, Lead, and Control your organization). Our “asset-based consulting model” allows us to leverage GMI’s extensive existing frameworks, content, analytics, and enabling technology to significantly reduce the implementation time, cost, and risk for your tailored solutions appropriate for the 21st century.

Our enabling software platform is based upon the realization that all management processes are comprised of specific, easily-identified “work items .” By streamlining (a) the design of these work items, (b) their integration/alignment with major systems of record, and (c) the associated workflows and approvals, breakthrough results can be obtained in weeks and months, not years. GMI’s rapid service delivery is made possible by our proprietary methodologies, content, and cloud-based® software.