GMI Content

“Content is king.” No matter how good your systems, if the content is not fit for the purpose then management success will be severely impacted. Just as a GPS system without good maps would be useless, MOS solutions also require specialized content.

To the uninitiated, it may appear there is no shortage of intelligence/content providers. For example, in the GRC marketplace alone there are over 90 such information providers. A number of these are excellent and can be well leveraged in intelligently running the enterprise. But for the overall top-of-the-house Management Operating Systems that GMI is supporting, an additional level of organization and integration is required.

To illustrate, take as an example GMI’s solution offering that supports Enterprise-wide Risk Reporting for Banks. This requires having a robust taxonomy that includes all relevant risk categories and topics and their definitions, along with best practices reporting templates, metrics, benchmarks, analytics, graphics, questions, responses, information sources, etc., all pre-assembled and easily editable. This type of integrated content is simply not available anywhere else, and anyone seeking to develop their own version would incur substantial costs. In cases like this, it simply makes no sense to develop one’s own content when it is already available from GMI, at a very affordable price!

The exact content provided “in the box” by GMI varies by industry and solution offering, but illustrative types of proprietary GMI content are as follows: