® Platform

GMI’s® is a ready-to-deploy application that supports the needs of businesses–large or small–to control, manage, and improve key management processes. It is a web-based system that business users can easily utilize “out-of-the-box” to create tailored business applications.® sites are typically hosted by GMI in top-tier SSAE16-compliant data centers.® is utilized to support a wide variety of Management Operating System (MOS) processes, including:

  • Senior-Level Reporting
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)
  • Last Mile of Finance
  • Issues & Actions
  • Application Builder® Home Page and Dashboard® simplifies management processes, enhances controls, and reduces the associated time and cost.

It is particularly effective in transforming currently siloed or fragmented processes (e.g., processes reliant on email, spreadsheets, SharePoint, etc.) into common, integrated, and efficient business-delivery platforms.® creates value by:

  • Gathering specific information from multiple locations via business “smart forms”
  • Validating inputs against business rules
  • Ensuring a repeatable and controlled process
  • Enforcing accountability through structured review and approval(s) workflow
  • Involving the right people or team in the process
  • Automatically controlling information access
  • Tracking progress and providing alerts to users as needed
  • Aggregating and analyzing information timely and efficiently
  • Monitoring status in real-time
  • Providing results dashboards as well as customized reports for insight
  • Maintaining centralized document repositories and audit trails

Key Concepts® features six key capabilities that provide authorized business end-users with the ability to configure and manage their application areas without the need for IT or external involvement, dramatically reducing the cost and increasing the speed by which the business can respond to (and take advantage of) changes in the business environment.

Work Item Key Concepts

Workitem Management

Allows the structuring and management of workitems within centralized repositories, to improve business processes and their performance outcomes;

Content Management

Allows the creation of business “smart forms,” with supporting instructions and context-specific guidance, to collect, organize, and further enhance the information (via conditional and calculated fields), as required by the needs of the process or the desired business outcome;

Workflow Management

Provides capabilities to assign the work and then enable structured review and approval of the information, based on authorized end-user configurable workflows. “Adaptive workflow” capabilities let the business involve the right person or team in the completion of the item;

Notification Management

Provides alerts and other notifications to ensure everyone is informed of their current responsibilities and due dates;

Reporting Management

Provides for extensive tabular and graphical reporting of workitem status and business results via end-user configurable dashboards, online reports, real-time tabular views, as well as ad-hoc reporting capabilities;

System Management

Provides comprehensive capabilities for authorized System Administrators to manage all aspects of the system. Robust user permissions and security ensure that users of the system can only access the information to which they are entitled.