Application Builder

Ensure operational excellence with transformed processes

Many organizations, regardless of industry and size, operate in an environment that seems to change on an almost constant basis. Whether change is driven by external factors such as regulatory, economic and political events, industry factors such as competitive and technological shifts, or inter­nal changes due to mergers, acquisitions and growth, it often feels like just keeping up is the best that can be achieved.

Typical Reaction to Change

More often than not, change stresses the resources and systems you have in place today. Of­ten, the most expedient response to change is to avoid another costly software solution. Instead, management throws more bod­ies at the problem and hastily implements revised business pro­cesses supported by spreadsheets and email software. The ability to deploy these low-tech, highly manual solutions quickly and inexpensively makes them attractive to business leaders needing a solu­tion, fast. Unfortunately, many of these solutions end up expanding be­yond the initial expectations. They typically lack all the appropriate controls, grow to be unsustainable, and over time become a source of significant risk for the company. There must be a better way.

A Better Way to Get Ahead and Stay Ahead

Over the past fifteen years, GMI has collaborated with our industry-leading clients to design and implement technology-based solutions to quickly address com­plex business problems. Building on this experience, we have devel­oped the® Application Builder, a powerful, flexible and in­tuitive capability that allows business users to build their own tech­nical solu­tions. These solutions con­tain user-de­signed forms, robust workflow, multi-level user permissions, and are highly secure. Through our Mi­crosoft Excel Add-in module, solutions can also support the import and ex­port of data, enabling advanced analysis and customized reporting. Business leaders now have a robust tool that can help them not only keep up with the speed of change in their business, but get ahead and stay ahead.

Becoming Self-Sufficient

With some basic training, List Designer allows any­one in your organization to quickly design and implement busi­ness solutions (self-developed apps) on our® platform without requiring resources from your IT organization. These easy-to-use tools empower business users to create “smart forms” (with conditional logic, custom calculations, field-level permissions, etc.) and workflow that is specific to the way your business operates.

With the® Application Builder, business users have an effective, self-sufficient way to address their simplest needs as well as more complex enterprise-wide requirements. By way of illustration, the following are just some of the custom apps our clients have built (click on each item to open the list):

Asset Management
  • Appraisals
  • Facility Master List
  • Inspections
  • Insurance Certifications
  • Property Inventory
  • Property Tasks
External Reporting
Financial Close
Human Resources
Marketing Programs
Policy Management
Risk & Compliance
Strategy & Planning
Tax Accounting