Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)

Simplify your GRC with GMI’s Content

At GMI, we have built our reputation helping clients implement their Risk Management, Compliance, and Sarbanes-Oxley programs. As regulatory expectations continue to grow and sources of revenue and margins continue to decline, many organizations have found it difficult to keep up. This has been especially true for smaller organizations who have been trying to get by with dedicated staff members and spreadsheet-based assessment processes. Making the move to a holistic Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) system is often seen as a major challenge due to both the need for well-structured data and what is perceived as a lengthy system implementation. GMI has simplified this process for our clients by offering a GRC solution that has the powerful features that executives have come to expect as well as a comprehensive library of risks and controls (content) linked to robust risk and compliance framework taxonomies.

Industry Leading Content

The experience of our team members, both as advisors and as practitioners, has allowed us to build a comprehensive library of Standard Controls aligned to multiple frameworks. This benefits clients in several ways; the structured library dramatically reduces implementation time and cost, whether the content is used “as-is” or is treated as a starter set to enhance your existing libraries. Once implemented, GMI’s Flexible Framework Architecture allows individual controls to be assigned to and assessed once by the most appropriate member of your team. These results are then automatically linked to and serve as part of the Fact Base for any risk assessment to which that control applies. This eliminates the need to deploy multiple risk assessment types, often to the same individuals in your organization, and achieves a critical “Assess Once and Use Many” objective not well supported by other solution providers.

Flexible Frameworks

Features that Work for You

In addition to GMI’s risk and control content, our GRC solution also provides the following:

  • Risk assessments and control assessments augmented by pre-defined “Question Sets” to improve consistency and completeness
  • Linkages to controls performed by internal support functions and external vendors
  • Issue & Action management integrated with assessments
  • Robust testing capabilities
  • Multiple reporting capabilities that allow users to design reports that work for them and their stakeholders
  • Flexible reporting hierarchies
  • Scheduled assessment creation
  • Notifications to ensure work remains on schedule

If you are contemplating implementing all or part of a GRC solution in your organization, let us show you how GMI can help you reach your goals faster and more cost effectively than you thought possible.