Senior-Level Reporting

Ask the Right Questions, Get the Right Answers, and Take the Right Actions

GMI recently conducted one of the most comprehensive surveys ever undertaken regarding senior management and board-level reporting. The findings stressed that today’s reporting needs to be redesigned to include:

  • Holistic Coverage: Reporting needs to be guided by a comprehensive framework that ensures all relevant topics are adequately considered.
  • Sharper Focus: There needs to be clear focus on the most important topics, with a consistent way in which to prioritize and drill down.
  • Bias for Action: Appropriate actions must be triggered whenever there are significant opportunities or risks that need to be addressed.

Even as more powerful data visualization/BI tools and board portal presentation software have become increasingly available, there still remains a gap between the two…which is where GMI’s Senior-Level Reporting (SLR) Solution fits in.

How GMI’s Reporting Solution Works

GMI’s SLR Solution is capable of reporting on a variety of topics, with the only difference being the content that is included. Our reporting frameworks provide industry-specific (a) reporting categories and topics, (b) insightful questions and associated metrics, (c) sample question responses, and (d) output reporting templates. All content is then tailored by end users, as needed.

Our reporting process includes an easy-to-use Setup/Tailoring component and an Ongoing Reporting component:

  • Setup/Tailoring: Multiple report types can be processed, each with its own initial setup and periodic updates and enhancements. Supporting functionality includes (a) site branding and personalization, (b) updating of taxonomies, terminology, and other reference data, (c) incorporation of the desired prioritization methodology, (d) definition of workflows and roles, and (e) dashboard personalization.
  • Ongoing Reporting: Each reporting period (e.g., monthly, quarterly), information requests are automatically sent to report contributors based on their subject matter expertise. With a minimum of effort, each individual then reviews prior period responses, updates metrics and graphics to reflect the current situation, and formulates responses to key questions. These updates are then submitted for approval and/or further refinement. Once all report components are complete, our tool automatically produces consolidated report packages, ready for secure distribution in whatever way desired, including via reporting portal tools.

Why Use GMI’s Reporting Solution

There are two basic alternatives. If you want to transform your senior management and/or board-level reporting, you can either (a) invest significant time and money to develop the required content and then automate the process yourself, or (b) you can jump-start the process with minimal investment by subscribing to GMI’s SLR Solution (thereby ensuring high quality and reducing both one-time and recurring time and cost). Being able to migrate from “I think” to “I know” reporting will yield the highest possible return on investment.