Strategic Alignment

Effectively manage the implementation of your strategy

In today’s rapidly-changing environment, it is not sufficient to simply develop a strategic plan and hope for the best. What is needed is a dynamic approach to strategic management that is understood by all stakeholders, and that has the flexibility to change as needed. GMI’s solution enables you to clearly link Strategy, Planning, Budgeting, and Ongoing Monitoring to help ensure that stakeholders remain on track to deliver sustained results, both from an enterprise-wide perspective and at the level of individual units.

How GMI’s Strategic Alignment Solution Works

Our solution is designed to help ensure that stakeholders at various levels clearly understand their organization’s strategy, how to monitor results using practical metrics, how to ensure that their resources are allocated appropriately, and how to take corrective actions when needed. In essence, our solution fills the gap between strategy development and budgeting, via support for “top down/bottom up” planning activities at both the enterprise and unit levels. The following easily-tailored capabilities are included:

  • Strategic Context & Goals: Your users begin by clearly and simply documenting the environment in which they are operating, their mission and vision, specific goals and meaningful metrics, and the associated interrelationships within their own unit and across other units. This can be thought of as a one-page strategic plan for each entity.
  • Key Strategic Initiatives: To help translate your strategy into action, our solution then assists in clearly documenting key strategic initiatives, identifying the associated resource requirements, and analyzing the “shifts and tradeoffs” required to align with budget realities. We typically integrate our solution with key systems of record (including Budgeting) to make the overall process as seamless as possible.
  • Monitoring & Remedial Actions: Our ongoing monitoring capabilities help to analyze any changes in the macro- and industry-level environment, track overall performance and risk metrics, and proactively monitor progress related to strategic initiatives. Issues and remedial actions are managed on a holistic basis, to help ensure that your organization remains “on track” to deliver sustained results .
  • Analytics & Reporting: Practical analytics and reporting capabilities underpin our entire Strategic Alignment solution offering, and provide the critical frameworks and processes to drive ownership, alignment, and ongoing results management.

Why Use GMI’s Strategic Alignment Solution

The vast majority of business strategies are not clearly understood by the key stakeholders (including specifics regarding exactly what it means for them), and the linkages across strategies and resource allocation decisions are fuzzy at best. GMI’s world-class Strategic Alignment process was initially developed over a decade ago, has been iteratively refined over the years, and is now supported by our® toolkit. There is no better way in which to ensure appropriate strategic alignment.