Banking & Financial Services

“It is time to recognize that one-size-fits-all regulations do more harm than good…”

Mid-Size Banking Coalition of America and Regional Bank Coalition

Letter To U.S. House of Representatives (Jan 2017)

Banking and Financial Services organizations–large and small–operate in a highly competitive, highly regulated environment that demands constant innovation, efficiency, and control. Major issues facing these institutions today include:

  • Promoting growth and sustaining profitability in a low interest rate environment
  • Rebuilding asset quality and strengthening capital positions
  • Developing new and reliable sources of revenue
  • Increasing the business value of customer relationships
  • Competing with innovative, non-traditional competitors
  • Incorporating a risk management culture into daily operations

The need for agile, robust Management Operating Systems has never been greater – to drive effective business practices throughout the enterprise, accelerate and control new product introductions, optimize operational and financial processes, efficiently manage risk and compliance, as well as provide the management team with timely reporting to provide rich insights into performance. Shown below are illustrative examples of just a few of the hundreds of ways in which GMI has assisted…

Senior Level Reporting

Senior-Level Reporting

Configured our SLR tool for Enterprise Risk Management Reports containing all key topics, metrics, and graphics

Strategic Alignment

Helped enhance the linkages between the Risk Appetite Statement, planning, budgeting, and reporting

Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)

Implemented practical solutions related to literally all aspects of governance, risk, and compliance

Last Mile of Finance

Assisted with financial process upgrades, including planning for newly emerging standards

Issues & Actions

Implemented ability to prioritize/track issues from multiple sources, and to combine related issues into holistic actions

Application Builder

Implemented numerous supporting GRC capabilities, ranging from TARP to mortgage servicing compliance

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