“An integral part of your operation of a franchised business is the purchase of all of your goods…”

Rick Grossman

Franchise Bible

Franchises operate in a highly-competitive, high-volume, low margin environment, characterized by continuous improvements in areas such as the speed of execution, quality, and cost control, among others. Key issues facing franchise operations include:

  • Improving mechanisms for timely responses to customer feedback
  • Enhancing communications between corporate and franchisees, and franchisees and store management
  • Ensuring more effective monitoring of franchisee performance and results
  • Improving controls over (and returns from) marketing expenditures
  • Reducing reliance on inefficient manual processes
  • Streamlining compliance with policies and procedures
  • Eliminating excessive administrative and support costs

Leading Franchise operations turn to GMI to provide the “next level” of active business management support, particularly for the critical and high-risk (but often more manual) management processes not covered by existing transactional and core financial systems. Examples of GMI’s franchise-related experience include:

Senior Level Reporting

Senior-Level Reporting

Enabled more effective and timely monitoring of franchisee key performance metrics and results

Strategic Alignment

Helped new locations meet targeted implementation due dates and corporate development guidelines and standards

Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)

Configured our tool to improve compliance with food quality, handling, and cleanliness standards from vendor distribution through customer delivery

Last Mile of Finance

Supported various financial process upgrades, with a specific focus on ensuring accurate, consistent, and timely reporting of store sales information

Issues & Actions

Established a platform to automate and account for system-wide marketing expenditure requests and to track actual spending and benefits through execution

Application Builder

Implemented numerous capabilities to improve the customer relations, vendor management, and store management processes