America First: A Budget Blueprint to Make America Great Again

White House Office of Management and Budget

March 13, 2017

While the breadth of government operations at the federal, state, and local levels is vast and varied, the challenges to deliver significantly improved services to the people with reduced funding remain common and constant. Key challenges include:

  • Ensuring that government is clearly focusing on the right things
  • Proactively monitoring intermediate and final outcomes, to ensure success
  • Transforming the government’s approach to resource management of all types (including human resources, knowledge, real estate, relationships, etc.)
  • Instituting agile management practices, intelligently leveraging today’s and tomorrow’s information technology
  • Identifying, managing, and using key metrics to migrate from an “I think” to an “I know” paradigm
  • Building in robust cybersecurity and operational resiliency, from the ground up
  • Implementing practical, non-bureaucratic policy and procedure management
  • Enhancing end-to-end accountability and transparency
  • Reengineering issue and action management processes, with a focus on results
  • Implementing practical senior-level reporting that asks the right questions and gets the right answers

As a result of the above, today’s leaders recognize that the need for 21st Century Management Operating Systems has never been greater. GMI has assisted several highly-respected public sector organizations in transforming their management processes along the lines outlined above, with the following being concrete examples of what we have accomplished together:

Senior Level Reporting

Senior-Level Reporting

Implemented world-class reporting capabilities for management, and designed a supporting “indicator utility” function to enable fact-based management

Strategic Alignment

Assisted in transforming Strategy Formulation and Alignment, Strategic Resource Allocation, Periodic Management Reviews, and senior-level Oversight

Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)

Assisted the Chief Risk Officer in migrating to enhanced risk management capabilities (including the introduction of a new Risk Scan for emerging risks)

Last Mile of Finance

Connected the dots between Strategy, Major Initiatives, Human Resources, Budgets, Performance, Risk, and Finance, and helped simplify and speed up financial and management reporting

Issues & Actions

Helped migrate from monitoring “activities” to a focus on “tangible results” by consolidating like items and better tracking concrete, measurable deliverables

Application Builder

Used GMI’s® to implement robust and highly secure workflow-enabled management processes, without the need for costly IT involvement