“Industrial analytics deserves a great deal of attention…”

Industrial Analytics:The Engine Driving the IIOT Revolution

Industrial Internet Consortium (2017)

Modern manufacturers are rapidly innovating to meet a range of fundamental and emerging challenges relating to topics such as:

  • Regulatory compliance and traceability
  • Product relevance and transformative technologies
  • Supply chain quality assurance
  • Cybersecurity in manufacturing
  • Aging workforce and skills gaps
  • Environmental concerns
  • Organizational Transformation

Since our founding in 2001, GMI has supported some of the world’s most advanced manufacturing organizations in transforming their Management Operating Systems, typically leveraging capabilities available via our® platform. Illustrative examples include:

Senior Level Reporting

Senior-Level Reporting

Implemented monthly CFO report presenting states of Operational Excellence chartered projects

Strategic Alignment

Compiled, tracked status, and reported on individual project plans aligned to an overall strategic transformation roadmap

Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC)

Implemented a variety of GRC components including support for global SOX 404 compliance and worldwide deficiency action plans to support remediation

Last Mile of Finance

Developed comprehensive financial flash report to provide senior management with monthly results in advance of the final close and reporting cycle

Issues & Actions

Designed and implemented process to manage, document and monitor major financial restatement issues and resolution log

Application Builder

Designed and deployed automated process to manage, approve, and record journal entries for intercompany transactions

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